Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trip to home sweet home

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mandating PNG National Interest

It is true that our people have benefited from the Chinese resources, but we don't know what's behind the back door deal with our government and the Chinese from flooding into PNG. I am afraid, one day we will wake up to see Chinese ruling our monetary system. This issues about Chinese flooded in from the local trade store keeper position in a village level, PMV bus owners, to Madang gold mine, and now LNG project.

For instance, you can't find them owning Greyound buses here in the US. There are some limitations US government put forward for them to do business' here. It is also applies to every immigrant. There is a certain restriction for foreign companies to occupy national business interests only suited for US citizens to operate. You can't find Chinese in middle of a cornfield in Midwest, US plowing. This is a picture that PNG government should adapt for its people's interest; then peace and proper control in our common sense of doing business can succeed.

It is easy to notice suspicious leaders initially in searching to overseas to get pressure out of a way by shopping for home ownership. It's a clear indication of selling or putting PNG into tender or forecloser, so the Chinese can dominate in our land.

I read the National news last night, stating that Papua New Guineans are not qualified to work for the new LNG project. I think all this is crap, look at our leaders are still denying well-educated PNGeans. Now, this is another proof of our government having less confidence to is own people.

Let's not be suprised that this initiative was not attacked by the Labor and Employement minister. I was shocked because I knew PNGeans do have the brains to compete. The question is- where is the government rescuing power or best argument to protect PNG people? Are we waiting to see Chinese run our monetary systems, our own news paper, and many cheap stuff in their wholesale for our people? Is PNG's health department and consumer bureau ran by the Chinese (raskals)?..

We've been praying for decade to see the change.

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Monday, September 14, 2009